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Intercargo documents
Type NameSizeLast modified
pdfContainer Specifications.pdf40 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34
pdfConversion tables.pdf41 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34
pdfEuropean Commission guidelines for plain language cargo descriptions.pdf36 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34
pdfFIATA Model Rules for Freight Forwarding Services.pdf50 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34
pdfGeneral Hungarian Forwarding Conditions.pdf28 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34
xlsHungary Postal Codes.xls278 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34
pdfIntercargo is going green163 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34
pdfISPM15 Fumigation Regulations for entry in the EU.pdf45 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34
pdfRFC - Request for Contact.pdf18 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34
pdfRFQ - Request for Quote.pdf20 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34
pdfSeaworthy packing.pdf58 KB2015.09.24. 15:22:34

Incoterms are standard trade definitions most commonly used in international sales contracts. Devised and published by the International Chamber of Commerce, they are at the heart of world trade. To assist traders to understand the areas that the 13 Incoterms cover and how each one works, the official ICC website now publishes the Preambles to each term in read-only format, together with basic information and background.
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